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HoustonNewMedia.org Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
HoustonNewMedia.org takes your privacy seriously. Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy.
What This Privacy Policy Covers
This policy covers how HoustonNewMedia.org treats personal information that HoustonNewMedia.org collects and receives, including information related to your past use of HoustonNewMedia.org products and services. Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable like your name, address, email address, or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available.
This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that HoustonNewMedia.org does not own or control, or to people that HoustonNewMedia.org does not employ or manage.
Information Collection and Use
HoustonNewMedia.org collects personal information when you register with HoustonNewMedia.org, when you use HoustonNewMedia.org products or services, when you visit HoustonNewMedia.org pages or the pages of certain HoustonNewMedia.org partners, and when you enter promotions or sweepstakes. HoustonNewMedia.org may combine information about you that we have with information we obtain from business partners or other companies. When you register we may ask for information such as your name, email address, zip code, occupation, industry. For some products and services we may also ask for your address, Social Security number, and information about your assets. Once you register with HoustonNewMedia.org and sign in to our services, you are not anonymous to us. HoustonNewMedia.org collects information about your transactions with us and with some of our business partners, including information about your use of products and services that we offer. HoustonNewMedia.org automatically receives and records information on our server logs from your browser, including your IP address, and the page you request. HoustonNewMedia.org uses information for the following general purposes: to customize the advertising and content you see, fulfill your requests for products and services, improve our services, contact you, conduct research, and provide anonymous reporting for internal and external clients.
Children are not permitted to register with HoustonNewMedia.org. Any information submitted by a known child will be immediately and permanently destroyed. HoustonNewMedia.org will not contact children under age 13 about special offers or for marketing purposes without a parent’s permission.
HoustonNewMedia.org does not ask a child under age 13 for more personal information, as a condition of participation, than is reasonably necessary to participate in a given activity or promotion.
Information Sharing and Disclosure
HoustonNewMedia.org does not rent, sell, or share personalHoustonNewMedia.orger people or nonaffiliated companies except to provide products or services you’ve requested, when we have your permission, or under the following circumstances: We provide the information to trusted partners who work on behalf of or with Allstate Wireless Home Security under confidentiality agreements. These companies may use your personal information to help HoustonNewMedia.org communicate with you about offers from HoustonNewMedia.org and our marketing partners. However, these companies do not have any independent right to share this information. We respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims; We believe it is necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of HoustonNewMedia.org’s terms of use, or as otherwise required by law. We transfer information about you if HoustonNewMedia.org is acquired by or merged with another company. HoustonNewMedia.org displays targeted advertisements based on personal information. Advertisers (including ad serving companies) may assume that people who interact with, view, or click on targeted ads meet the targeting criteria – for example, women ages 18-24 from a particular geographic area. HoustonNewMedia.org does not provide any personal information to the advertiser when you interact with or view a targeted ad. However, by interacting with or viewing an ad you are consenting to the possibility that the advertiser will make the assumption that you meet the targeting criteria used to display the ad. HoustonNewMedia.org advertisers include financial service providers (such as banks, insurance agents, stock brokers and mortgage lenders) and non-financial companies (such as stores, airlines, and software companies).
HoustonNewMedia.org does not currently set nor access HoustonNewMedia.org cookies on your computer. HoustonNewMedia.org lets other companies that show advertisements on some of our pages set and access their cookies on your computer. Other companies’ use of their cookies is subject to their own privacy policies, not this one.
Your Ability to Edit and Delete Your Account Information and Preferences
Users who visit this page can opt out of receiving future marketing communications from these new categories or they can unsubscribe by following instructions contained in the messages they receive. We reserve the right to send you certain communications relating to the HoustonNewMedia.org service, such as service announcements, administrative messages and an HoustonNewMedia.org Newsletter, that are considered part of your HoustonNewMedia.org account, without offering you the opportunity to opt-out of receiving them.
Confidentiality and Security
We limit access to personal information about you to employees who we believe reasonably need to come into contact with that information to provide products or services to you or in order to do their jobs. We have physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to protect personal information about you.
Changes to this Privacy Policy
HoustonNewMedia.org may update this policy without notice.
Questions and Suggestions
If you feel that your inquiry has not been satisfactorily addressed, you should contact HoustonNewMedia.org to resolve your concern.
If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at:
c/o The Laban Johnson Group
By making use of this website you agree that any dispute arising from such shall be resolved in the state of Texas.